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Dinner Menu (Dine In)


AC   APPETIZER COMBO                                                                           $11.00

One piece of Yakitori, Karee Pub, Toong Thong, Spring Roll, Chicken & Beef Satay

A1   YAKITORI                                                                                               $9.00

Bite sized pieces of chicken and spring onion, skewered and 

flavoured with Yakitori sauce.

A2   SASHIMI ZEN                                                                                      $12.00

Fresh raw salmon served with Kikkoman sauce.

A3   SAKI SUSHI                                                                                          $9.00

Fresh raw salmon on Sushi rice, served with Kikkoman sauce.

A4   MAKI                                                                                                     $7.50

Cucumber and shinko rolls served with Kikkoman sauce.

A5   TORI KARA AGE                                                                                 $9.50

Battered deep fried small pieces of chicken, served with Tonkatsu sauce.

A6   KAREE PUB                                                                                         $9.00

Minced chicken, vegetables and Thai herbs wrapped in pastry puff, served 

with sweet and sour cucumber sauce.

A7   SATAY KAI RUE NUA                                                                          $9.50

Grilled chicken and beef skewered and flavoured with mild peanut sauce.

A8   TOONG THONG                                                                                   $9.50

Deep fried minced pork wrapped in spring roll skin, served with plum sauce.

A9   POH PIA KAEW                                                                                   $9.00

Deep fried Thai spring roll, stuff with minced pork & herbs served with plum sauce.

A10   THAI SPECIAL SALAD                                                                         $7.50

Fresh salad topped with peanut sauce.(lettuce, carrots, tomatoes & cucumber)


S2   TOM YUM GOONG                                                                                $9.00

Spicy prawn soup seasoned with lemon juice and garnished with coriander and mushroom.

S3   TOM YUM GAI                                                                                       $8.50

Spicy chicken soup flavored with lemon and coconut milk.

S4   TOM YUM SEAFOOD                                                                          $9.50
Assortment of seafood seasoned with lemon juice and garnished with coriander (salmon prawn and scallop).

Main Course

All main course meals served with steamed rice (except noodles, soup and appetizer)

All curries with bamboo shoot, peas & beans


C1   TERIYAKI CHICKEN                                                                             $22.00

Pan fried, sliced chicken flavoured with Teriyaki sauce.

C2   PANAENG GAI                                                                                       $19.00

Dried red curry chicken with coconut milk and sweet basil.

C3   KAENG KIEW WANG GAI                                                                     $18.00

Green curry chicken with coconut milk and sweet basil.

C4   KAENG DANG GAI                                                                                $18.00

Red curry chicken with coconut milk and sweet basil.

C5   GAI PAD MED MAMUANG                                                                   $19.00

Stir fried chicken with cashew nuts and seasonal vegetables.

C6   GAI PAD PRIK KING                                                                              $18.50           

 Stir fried chicken with sliced ginger, fresh chili and seasonal vegetables.


B1   TERIYAKI BEEF                                                                                    $24.50

 Grilled, sliced sirloin steak flavoured with Teriyaki sauce.

B2   NUA YANG LERT ROS                                                                         $24.50

Grilled, sliced sirloin steak served with fresh sour chili sauce.

B3   KAENG KIEW WANG NUA                                                                   $18.00 

Green curry beef cooked in coconut milk and sweet basil.

B4   KAENG DANG NUA                                                                              $18.00

Red curry beef cooked in coconut milk and sweet basil.

B5   PANAENG CURRY NUA                                                                       $19.00

Dried red curry beef cooked in coconut milk and sweet basil.

B6   NUA PAD NAM MON HOI                                                                    $18.50         

Stir fried beef with mushroom, seasonal vegetables and oyster sauce.

B7   NUA PAD PRIK KING                                                                           $18.50

Stir fried beef with sliced ginger and seasonal vegetables


P1   TONKATSU                                                                                              $22.00

Deep fried crumbed pork cutlet served with Tonkatsu sauce.

P2   PANAENG MOO                                                                                     $19.00

Dried red curry pork cooked in hot curry sauce and coconut cream.

P3   MOO KRATIEM PRIK THAI                                                                 $19.50

Pan fried pork with broccoli, garlic and pepper sauce.

P4   KAENG KIEW WANR MOO                                                                  $18.00

Green curry pork cooked in coconut milk and sweet basil.

P5   KAENG DANG MOO                                                                            $18.00

Red curry pork cooked in coconut milk and sweet basil.

P6   MOO PAD PRIK KING                                                                         $18.50

Stir fried pork with sliced ginger and seasonal vegetables.


F1   SUSHI & SASHIMI SPECIAL                                                                 $22.50

Slices of fresh raw fish and sushi served with Kikkoman sauce

and wasabi. 

F2   TERIYAKI SCALLOPS  (HOTATEGAI TERIYAKI)                           $22.00

Scallops flavoured with Teriyaki sauce.

F3   TERIYAKI SALMON (SAKI TERIYAKI)                                              $24.50

Grilled salmon flavoured with Teriyaki sauce.

F4   TERIYAKI KING PRAWN                                                                      $23.00

King prawn flavoured with Teriyaki sauce.

F5   TERIYAKI SEAFOOD                                                                              $24.00

Assortment of seafood flavoured with Teriyaki sauce. 

(Scallops, prawns and battered deep fried small pieces of fish

F6   PANAENG GOONG                                                                                   $23.00

Dried curry prawns flavoured with coconut milk and sweet basil.

F7   PANAENG SEAFOOD                                                                               $24.00

Dried curry seafood with coconut milk and sweet basil.

 (Prawns, scallops and battered deep fried small pieces of fish)

F8   KUNG KRATIEM PRIK THAI                                                                 $23.00

Pan fried prawns with broccoli, garlic and pepper sauce.

F9   HOI SCALLOP KRATIEM PRIK THAI                                                  $23.00   

Pan fried scallops with broccoli, garlic and pepper sauce.

F10   PLA RAD PRIK                                                                                         $24.50

Deep fried whole fish topped with special fresh chili & sweet chili sauce.

F11   PLA RAD PRIK KAENG                                                                          $23.50

 Deep fried whole fish topped with red curry sauce.

F12   GOONG THORD                                                                                     $23.00 

Deep fried battered prawns served with sweet chili sauce.

F13   PLA MEUK KRA PRAO                                                                           $22.50
Stir fried squid with chili, sweet basil and seasonal vegetables.


V2   PAD PAK TARM RUEDU                                                                         $15.00

Stir fried seasonal vegetables with oyster sauce. (No oyster sauce on request)

V3   KAENG DANG PAK TARM RUEDU                                                      $15.00

Red curries seasonal vegetables with coconut milk.

V4   KHAI JIEW                                                                                                 $15.00

Thai omelet with spring onions and seasonal vegetables.

(carrots, onoins, mushrooms & baby corn)


K1   PAD THAI (not served with rice)                                                                 $17.50

Stir fried noodles with chicken, bean sprout, spring onion and peanut sauce.

K2   KAENG PANAENG GAE                                                                            $19.00

Red curry lamb with fine chopped peanuts, coconut milk and sweet basil.


COKE, DIET COKE, L&P                                               (GLASS)                     $4.00



MANGO JUICE                                                             (GLASS)                       $4.50

ORANGE JUICE                      


SODA WATER, GINGER ALE, GINGER BEER,          (BOTTLE)            $4.50


RASPBERRY/ SPRITE                                                      (GLASS)                  $5.00


SELECTION OF TEAS                                                                                           

BELL TEA, EARL GREY                                                                                  $3.50

JAPANESE TEA AND JASMINE TEA                                                            $2.50


PICKLED GINGER                                                                                              $2.50


Small     $3.00     Medium $4.00     Large $5.00         Extra Large $10.00                                  

STEAMED VEGETABLES                                                                                 $4.00 

CASHEW NUTS                                                                                                  $4.00   

ROTI (Malaysian bread)                                                                                         $4.00     

GARLIC ROTI                                                                                                    $4.50                                                                                             

(All drinks or wines are subject to availability)

We are licensed


Corkage $5.00  per bottle and 1 bottle per table allowed

Beer, all frizzy drinks, spirit, juices not allowed 

(Prices are subject to change without prior notice)